Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Anansi the Third

Anansi III is the grandchild of Anansi. They have no single corporeal shape, no single gender, no single definition. They own many masks and when they don those masks they become something new. Their favourite mask is that of the spider for it reminds them of their grandfather who taught them all there was to know about the art of illusion and weaving tales. (This connection to their grandfather is also the reason they chose to be called Anansi III by those that wish to call for them, in reality they have many names, one for each mask.)

Besides their masks, their most prized possessions are their cloak, which is sky both day and night, and their satchel, which is light in all colors. They won these possessions from a competition with Set and Loki, other trickster god whose sigils are on Anansi III's belt as a show of camaraderie. The cloak allows Anansi III to control the skies through their words: sad words bring rains, joyous ones bring sunshine, a bid goodnight brings the day to a close and a bid good morning begins it. The satchel allows Anansi III to carry anything in the world, even the world itself, and always have it weigh no more than light itself.

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