Friday, December 9, 2011


Why do I still think of you,
when all I want is to forget?
I have no desire to keep you near,
you only bring me regret.


how do I start things anew,
when it’s so hard to turn the page?
I am crippled by the fear
of never escaping love’s cage.


do I even want to breakthrough,
and take back control over my life?
I love being your dear,
Though all you create is strife.


I can’t decide what to do,
why is my head reeling?
Love or hate or pity or cheer--
I can't handle this conflicted feeling.


If only I could just bid you adieu.
If only that were something easy to do.

Let's play a fun game everyone! It's called: "Name the random rhyme scheme~!!" :D Prize is... to be determined at a later date ^_^


Captain Alexander said...

Haha, i love the rhyme scheme in this one, it's so like... almost confusing, but it works, I guess. It makes it flow a little bit better. The unintentional "But oh well ..." Makes it add like another five or six layers of complexity to the thing altogether. Vewy sad though. :c

fylisfe said...

I love playing with rhyme schemes ^_^
and other random stuff like that... and yeah the "But oh well..." I can't believe that was totally by accident though it totally was-- my subconscious rocks! <3 It's a sad depressing subconscious... but it's awesome for angsty poetry :)

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