Saturday, December 24, 2011

The run-ons of lies, dreams and fantasies

Oh look, another random post on how I write stuff! :D I'm pretty sure I do those more for my benefit than anyone else's. Helps me straighten out my mind, haha.

Anyways, sometimes I like to just sit down and write whatever comes to mind. Stream-of-consciousness style. ;3 Usually what I get out of it is a never-ending flow of sentences that sound cool individually but ridiculous when put together. Like the poem-thing below. There are many parts of it that I like, a lot, but then I read it all at once... and... well... it's not the best thing ever. 

What will most likely come of this is me stealing random bits from this and making them their own piece. 

To say that I didn’t need you
Would be lying to you.
To say that I didn’t want you
Would be lying to myself.
But the truth leaves me speechless
I don't know what to say anymore.
My mind has stopped- frozen-
I am frozen in this moment
Of utter bliss.
 I hope.
I hope it's never-ending
This feeling that has made me
Its ever willing prisoner.
Oh yes!
I can’t help but wish and dream
That it won’t ever- Ah! A Dream. 
This must be a dream.
That would explain everything.
It would explain
Why I can’t stop smiling day and night
Why I can’t stop grinning like a fool
Why I can’t stop thinking about you
Why I can’t stop rambling on and on
I .
And .
Indeed, this is a fantasy, is it not?
It has all the perfect moments to make it so.
A stroke of serendipity bestowed upon me
While I lay awake pretending to slumber.
Perhaps this means
The stars of my mind have finally decided
I am worthy of reward—
That is why they are shining so brightly,
Guiding me straight to you
By outshining the sun itself.
Surely, nothing else explains this.
I have escaped reality finally
And you were my portal- my escape.
I wonder.
Is pretending this is a lovely dream
Lying to the both of us?
If so it’s a beautiful lie
and one I’m willing to keep up,
But only until the day
The truth overcomes the fantasy.
Because when that day comes
I will let go of the hold I have on this dream
And gladly fall into reality’s arms.
Lies may be sweet and comforting,
honest love
can never be conquered.
Until then,
I will willingly live among these
lies, dreams and fantasies.

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