Wednesday, December 7, 2011


That day when you smiled.
When you smiled and your eyes gleamed.
That was the day I fell.

I only realize now how hard, how deep
I fell that day. For such a pathetic reason too:
a smile and a kind word.
For just a smile and a kind word.

I tried so hard to stay away from you.
-The boy my friend liked-
But when I finally started to get away
You went and made me smile
And I fell deeper.

With those eyes that make my heart melt
And those thoughts that make me stop and wonder
You've ensnared me with your perfect imperfections
And now I’m falling so fast
I don’t think I’ll be able to stop.
I don’t think I even want to... because

I’ve fallen,
Fallen hard,

For you.

I started this one several weeks ago. Then I finished it. And then I forgot to save it and lost it. Which made me not want to redo it but I had the rough draft in my notebook so today I decided not to be lazy and redid it. Yay.

Also, I like patterns and playing with structure. There are a lot of things I do to my poems that I know most people won't really notice unless they were to analyze it. I do those things just for my pleasure, they're fun. In this poem, I had fun with the number of lines in the stanzas. The pattern is 3-4-5-6-2-1 , and there are 6 stanzas. See, random fun little things. I love fun random things.

I also occasionally enjoy cliches. It's a guilty pleasure xD

Adding comments to clarify myself is cool too.

I'm not really happy with this poem either... I'm usually not happy with my poems...

I also wonder how much people read into my poetry... beware people, poets exaggerate and come up with situations that are sometimes unreal. Poets are the actors of writing. Prose actors... that's a cool idea... I should do something with it...

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Cuteee. Like, really very cute.

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