Sunday, December 25, 2011

Day and Night

Glitter falls to the floor slowly
- a dream floating in the midday air-
an idea flying in the cool breeze.

Mother and daughter awake
-their midnight adventure begins-
the time of fairytales is now.

Gently, the sparkle finds its place
by the window and lays among the dust
catching stray sunbeams.

Over a fence and underneath tables,
past the cabins and into the woods-
A memory in the making.

A sparkle in the dark never glimmers
but in the light it reflects and refracts
 reality into fantasy.

A tale is told in the darkness,
told from mother to daughter,
blessed only by the moon and stars.

The Day, The Night,
They are things of beauty.
The Day, The Night,
They are things of wonder.
The Day, The Night,
They are things of magic.
The Day, The Night,
They are things of life.

Confession: I don't like the ending very much >_>
I think I need to go on with this, make it longer and change the ending. Yeah. 

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