Sunday, December 25, 2011

Girl With Stars In Her Pockets

             I know a girl with stars in her pockets. They are small, like her fingernails. They are made of paper, like my dreams. Each one is unique. She tells me they hold the secrets to different worlds. That with them, she can travel to new lands far, far away from here. Her stars are very powerful, which is why she keeps them safe in her jacket pockets. Safe in her pockets, where no one can unravel them, and destroy a universe or two.
            One day, I’m going to steal her stars so they can’t steal her from me.
This is prose poem is actually a sort of summary/ synopsis for a story idea I have and have been wanting to write. I attempt to start writing the story for NaNoWriMo but... 

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Xpressions-thru-Jethro said...

NaNoWriMo hahahahaha like that'll happen :P
but I really enjoy the idea with this

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