Friday, December 16, 2011

Random Writing That I Felt Like Doing

I'm home after my first semester of college and I have nothing to do. Thought I'd be productive and write some. This is just a free write. I have no idea where it's going to go. No editing. No anything. Enjoy.

"You shouldn't play with fire."
I looked up from my box of matches to find Gerard looming over me.
"You shouldn't play with fire," he repeated.

"I heard you the first time," I snapped, got up from my seat at my cluttered desk, and placed the matches in my robe pocket. I sauntered to a pile of books and scrolls in the far corner of dimly lit my room. From the bottom of the pile I pulled out a large worn out book. I glanced at the title, Of Dragons and Dames, and caressed the cover lovingly. "I believe you're here for this?"

Gerard shifted from his spot over my desk to face me and nodded with a fiendish grin. I tossed the heavy book to him and then sat back down at my desk. I grabbed the box of matches from my pocket and began to play with it again, waiting for him to leave. Ten minutes in dead silence passed and still he loomed over me.

"What. Do. You. Want?" I murmured venomously.

"I'm waiting for you to stop playing with those matches, Fira." he retorted and leaned against a shelf. I stared at him for a moment. His eyes were as golden as the flames I would be able to create if I unleashed my desire on the matches. That only tempted me more. I returned my attention back to the box and opened it.

Gerard's hand moved to mine and held it firmly.

"Fira. I said no," he huffed. I wrestled my hand away from him and squirmed up on top of my desk. I stood up triumphantly, keeping away from his grasp.

"You" I grinned and brought a match to my lips. "are not my boss." I blew a single flame on to the match igniting it brilliantly. I waved the flame in front of Gerard's face, his eyes darted from side to side watching it. "It matches your eyes Ger." I laughed and flicked the match at him. Gerard caught the burning match without flinching.

"This isn't funny," Gerard growled. I snickered and leaped from my desk on to a tall stack of boxes. Gerard glared at me, and I teasingly blew a flickering stream of scarlet flames in his direction.

"You ruin all my fun, Ger!" I sighed and jumped from the boxes into low pile of scrolls and empty parchments. I lay down in the pile and huffed a puff of smoke that floated into the darkness. I gestured with my finger for Gerard to approach me. I examined him as he came towards me. He was a lanky boy, with messy ginger hair, pale skin, a crooked smile and golden eyes. I laughed at how he carried himself with confidence now, when only a few months ago he had been nothing but a shy little bookworm I found hiding behind my books.

Gerard crouched down and looked me in the eye.

"I can't have you disobeying your own rules Fira," he pouted. I put my arms around him and drew him closer.

"A little fire never hurt anyone," I whispered and grinned widely, showing off my sharp teeth. Gerard ran his hand through my dark amethyst hair.

"Tell that to the book you accidentally burned last week," Gerard snickered and then smacked me over the head with a nearby novel. I let go of him and he jumped up. I pretended to rub my head in the spot he hit me.

"Aiiee, you're lucky us drakonei are resilient, or else that would have stung!" I hissed and faked a swipe at him.

"Stop complaining. We have work to do," Gerard scoffed and threw the novel at me. "And no more flames."

I grumbled and refused to budge. Gerard held out his hand for me to take. I ignored him and picked up a book. I really did prefer the time when he would have cowered at my hiss and flinched at my claws.

"Come on, you fanged, red eyed, lilac scaled dragon woman," Gerard grabbed my arm and pulled me up. "We still have so much more to discover. So many more secrets to find. Books to read. Things to learn."

Gerard patted me on the head, grabbed Of Dragons and Dames and walked away. I spat out a last spark of fire and returned to work. I vowed to make sure not to teach my next assistant how to stand up for himself. Self-confident humans would one day be the death of me.


Well... that turned out interestingly. I now have two new random characters to work with and a possible story. I think I will do more with these two sometime soon, I rather like them. I also really want to draw them. :D YAY RANDOM FREE WRITES~!!!

Also... not sure what drakonei are yet but in my mind they are humanoid dragon creatures. More humanoid than dragon though.

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