Saturday, December 3, 2011


Based on the Commentary poems by Suzanne Buffam

On Wind
When the air
it's time to be free.

On Fire
Like passion,
it always dies
if it isn't fueled.

On Shoes
Touch the earth
and feel its worth
with every step
you take.

On Pencils
Best used to
write down your

On Windows
the work both ways.

On Rivers
Down, never up,
always running away
Nature's furious coward.

On Shirts
This thin shield
me from your preying eyes.

On Lies
Like sadness
they are always lingering
in the background.

On Mountains
They were created
out of an ancient disaster.
Calamaties aren't always bad.

On Sleep
Close your eyes
for 8 hours
and then open them again.

Wrote these in my Creative Writing class :P We had to write poems fashioned after Suzanne Buffam's poems, the topics were suggested randomly during class. So they're my random little thoughts on these subjects... I really love Buffam's poetry though, I suggest you look her up. Also, that last one is something one of my friends says a lot.

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