Tuesday, December 6, 2011

An Unfair Game

Every day is the same.
He is never there
even when she calls his name.
The moments are rare
in which they do not blame
each other for their
problems and shame.
One day everything will tear
itself apart and burst in flame.
No one ever said life's game
of love and hate was fair.

A random poem I wrote the other day while talking to my friend Alex :D
Also I couldn't think of a good title so :P
Actually, I'm not really happy with the whole thing, anyone have any suggestions for perfecting it?


Captain Alexander said...

Interesting that you decided to post it. I think that the meter is a little weird, and so maybe that's why it sounds off? Not sure. I still like this one. :)

fylisfe said...

Once in a while I like to post things I'm still working on so I won't forget about them... plus I like feedback and critique. I'm probably going to mess around with it with some tips my creative writing teacher told me. :D We'll see how things turn out ^_^