Friday, December 23, 2011


Take my hand and we’ll go on an adventure.
Time to travel to a brand new dimension.
Pirates and cowboys and robots, oh my!
Hide in the shadows and play I spy.

Over the rainbow and under a troll bridge,
The portal to Narnia’s hidden in my fridge.
Let’s fight monsters and save the princess,
Like superheroes answering calls of distress.

Are you ready to go on an epic quest
To find a gold-filled treasure chest?
Dance at the Witches’ All Hallows Eve ball
And cast magic spells meant to enthrall.

We’ll battle dragons to prove our might,
Then explore the wonders of the night.
Discover a fairy world within every tree
And mermaid utopias underneath the sea.

That’s how it goes in storybooks,
Where nothing is quite what it looks.
The beautiful may be wicked hearted
But true lovers can never be parted.

Together we can be our own fairytale
Because if we believe, we will never fail.
You and I are the next legend
Our myth will be told until The End.

So, come with me and let’s go explore
this magic world, and be together evermore.

I've been working on this for three days :3 Hope you like it, I'm pretty happy with it. For once. xD

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