Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Plea Against Serenity

Serenity is only for
Those who don’t have a care in the world.
She is welcome by
Those that see no wrong to letting
Life go on as it does now—
Flawed and cruel.

You may envy Serenity’s children
And their naïve ignorance,
But I do not.
I say let them have their peace…
Just as long as they keep it to themselves.
I’ve no use for it.

Serenity is not for me.
I, who prefer
to stand tall with all
my worries. Because they
are what have kept me
going ,going, going, going
all this time.
If peace of mind means
I must forget
All the starving children living in the bloody streets,
All the broken hearted souls left behind in a dark corner,
All the wrongs that stain this world…
Then, instead,

Give me War!
A chance to fight back against the status quo.
Give me Revolution!
A chance to bring change to this rotting society.
Give me Vengeance!
A chance to amend the errors of humanity.

I will vanquish you, and cast you out from these lands.
Not because I despise you, but because
 I dream of you.

I will vanquish you.
So that later you may return
To a world that has truly earned you.

But until that time comes,
I will never end my crusade against you.
I will never succumb to you,
Beautiful Serenity. 

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