Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Hesitant Astronaut

I was told
That the sky was the limit
But I that should reach for the stars
Because if I failed at least
 I would land on the moon.

I was told
To wish upon a shooting star
And to keep my eyes turned skyward
Because space was the last frontier
And one day I would reach it.

I was told. I was told.
And there was a time that I believed
All those clichés and half assed comments.

 I’m not so sure anymore.
Because there is still so much I have not
Seen right here on the ground.

Space is the mistress that
I used to dream of…
I have found pleasures here on Earth
That she could never gift me.

Once upon a time
I would have given anything
To leave this atmosphere
But today I finally see 
That I’d much rather stay here.

Where I can admire the stars from afar
And have the ones I love by my side.

Had to write a poem for Creative Writing class titled "The Hesitant Astronaut".
It's alright x3 I got to use cliches again ;D~!

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